hello, Human.

Episode 9 - Leveraging Technology for Social Impact

hello, Human.
Episode 9 - Leveraging Technology for Social Impact

Today’s episode is the next installment in our series about women in AI. Our guest today is Preeti Adhikary, Master of Advanced Management student at Yale University (Former Director, AI & Marketing Lead at Emergents at Weild & Co., Former VP of Marketing, Fusemachines Inc.). In addition to her association with the Tsai CITY (Center for Innovative Thinking) at Yale, she is also an advisor for the Women in AI group.

In today’s episode, host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, and series producer Elizabeth Mitelman talk with Preeti about how critical it is to address the challenges in the industry, in order for the industry to be successful. Preeti talks about what we can do to change the narrative. She also talks about the importance of having people in the industry who do not have a technical background.

In the fast paced world of technology, there are various ways to leverage AI and technology for the social good. Yet, it is critical to address the misconceptions and challenges in AI when doing so. Conquering the challenges created by AI, as well as learning how to use those challenges as a motivator can create strong passion for CSR and social justice initiatives. At the end of the day, visibility and awareness of these issues, and how to address this is how we can use technology and AI for the greater good.

Talking Points:

  • How Tsai CITY inspires students to solve real world problems 
  • How the Women in AI nonprofit organization helps gender inclusivity
  • The Why Accelerate Program
  • Preeti’s non-linear career path and journey to the AI industry
  • The advantages and challenges of having a non-linear, non-technical career path
  • The combination of social justice and AI in Fuse Machines projects
  • Conquering the challenges in biases in the tech industry 
  • The top opportunities in AI and what gets Preeti excited about the industry
  • Advice for the next generation of women in the tech industry
  • How we can change the narrative



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