hello, Human.

Episode 7 - Elevate Human Potential With Innovative Automation

hello, Human.
Episode 7 - Elevate Human Potential With Innovative Automation

Today's guest is Ben Nabulsi, a process data scientist at Dentsu. Host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, talks with Ben about how we can elevate human potential with innovative automation. They answer your questions about the integration of this powerful new technology with companies and how it can help them reach their corporate goals and greatest potential. 

Dentsu is one of the largest global advertising firms in the world. Because of Ben’s position as a process data scientist, he is able to sit in a front row seat as Dentsu’s innovative automation has had a positive effect on the workforce. Ben agrees that developing an AI and automation strategy is essential to the success of any modern business.

Every company, no matter what size, knows that in order to remain competitive, you have to embrace change. Most transformation programs in the last decade have focused on customer experience, but today, indicators suggest the emphasis moving forward will shift toward back-office operational excellence. FortressIQ customer dentsu is a company that thrives on innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, which powers its Automation Center of Excellence and that team’s mission to elevate human potential across the organization.

Talking Points: 

  • A day in the life of a data process scientist
  • How dentsu and Ben were able to utilize FortressIQ in analyzing their data
  • How the “new normal” has affected the transformation programs
  • How to build and maintain trust with stakeholders when it comes to the new technology
  • Credentials, security, and other types of measures to ensure security and privacy of the stakeholders
  • The “people element”
  • The role of business analysts in this platform 
  • Expansion and the future of the program
  • Advice for companies who want to follow in the same path as dentsu


Dentsu: Champions for Meaningful Progress


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