hello, Human.

Episode 6 - Humalogy and The Future of Work

hello, Human.
Episode 6 - Humalogy and The Future of Work

Today's guest is Scott Klososky, the founding partner of Future Point of View and creator of Humalogy. Host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, talks with Scott about the transition to automation, and working alongside AI and automation. They also talk about how the pandemic has disrupted Scott’s process (as a consultant), and how humalogy principles should be utilized because of the shift to virtual work environments.

For years the promise of technology has been the ability to produce a more productive workforce. The challenge however is that while technology may improve productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks, today it does not embody or transfer the human conditions necessary for building interpersonal relationships. 

Humanizing technology is still in its infancy therefore when trying to maximize efficiency and develop connectedness, there's a careful balance that must be struck. To that end, Humalogy examines blending available technologies with human effort to maximize performance and potential. 

Scott Klososky is an international speaker, futurist, author of four books, as well as an entrepreneur who has started five successful companies.

Talking Points: 

  • “Many is the waves but one is the sea”: working alongside AI 
  • Automation and the public
  • Processes, and the golden triangle of people, framework and technology
  • Leaders should utilize the technology that is already available
  • How Scott uses the concept of humalogy since the pandemic 
  • Working alongside technology and how tech is changing because of the pandemic
  • The internal impact to staff that needs to be reskilled, retrained for new tech


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