hello, Human.

Episode 5 - Understand Today, Automate for Tomorrow

hello, Human.
Episode 5 - Understand Today, Automate for Tomorrow

Today's guests are Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Stephen Siciliano, Partner PM Director at Microsoft for Power Automate. In this episode, Craig, Stephen, and I explore how companies today are under near-constant pressure to accelerate growth, efficiency, and ROI. Effectively implementing intelligent automation at scale is crucial for success in the enterprise, but this remains a challenge with large organizations because of a lack of resources to streamline business process discovery, gather accurate data, and then easily kick off automated workflows. 

Maintaining continuity and managing through change is an existential challenge, as business processes experience enormous demand spikes. By using process mining to more effectively orchestrate process automation, companies can address both near- and longer-term operational challenges. 

Craig serves enterprise architecture and business process professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in automation, AI, and the future of work. His technology coverage areas include robotic process automation, AI solutions in financial services, and the potential workforce disruption due to these technologies. His 2019 book, Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night, has been met with wide acclaim. 

Stephen is the Partner PM Director at Microsoft for Power Automate. Power Automate is a service for automating workflow across the growing number of apps and SaaS services that business users rely on.

Talking Points: 

  • Accelerated Digital Transformation 
  • The Workforce of the Future 
  • Human-Machine Interaction 
  • The Process Gap 


Robots in the Quiet of the Night 

Power Automate 


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