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Episode 10 - Building High-Impact Networks

hello, Human.
Episode 10 - Building High-Impact Networks

Today’s guest on hello, Human is global citizen Beatrice Zatorska, the CEO & Cofounder Smart Tribe. Smart Tribe is a platform where people from the world of academia and experts in the industry world can come together in order to collaborate. Collaboration is just the starting point when it comes to solving solutions. This is one of the reasons why open office settings work so well. People in different fields and from different departments can get together to offer new insights and perspectives on problems.

In today’s episode, host and long-time technologist, Jon Knisley, and series producer Elizabeth Mitelman talk with Beatrice Zatorska about the importance of building an impactful network between your work, life, and career and how building that network is attainable for everyone, not just for the outgoing. Beatrice also talks about her vision and goal for Smart Tribe, her advice for the next generation of women in AI and tech, and how her eclectic background has helped her develop Smart Tribe.

Building and developing a high-impact network is a critical factor in long-term professional success. It is even more important in today's hyper-connected world. Networking success requires equal parts of will and skill. Contrary to popular opinion, an outsized personality is not a requirement. With practice and persistence, anyone can build and benefit from a high-impact network. Smart Tribe is a company that understands the value of a network. They have developed and use an AI-enabled platform to connect academia and industry to help address one another's crucial problems while breaking down silos.

Talking Points:

  • Beatrice’s unique and varied background
  • Building helpful networks
  • The best practices and roadmap to creating a high-impact network
  • How Smart Tribe creates a comfortable and safe space for everyone
  • The role of higher education, academia, and science in innovation and company growth
  • Unique challenges with an AI-enabled platform
  • How Beatrice’s unique background influenced the development of Smart Tribe
  • Advice for the next generation of women in AI and tech
  • Success stories of professionals who have connected and solved problems because of Smart Tribe
  • The future for Smart Tribe and Beatrice’s vision


Smart Tribe

How Leaders Create and Use Networks” by Herminia Ibarra and Mark Lee Hunter, Harvard Business Review


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