hello, Human.

Episode 1 - The Four Realities of Transformation

hello, Human.
Episode 1 - The Four Realities of Transformation

Our guest today is Pankaj Chowdhry the founder and CEO of FortressIQ.

Organizations on the transformation journey should take the counterintuitive approach of embracing both change and the status quo. The key to the speed, and success of a transformation program lies in figuring out how to leverage components of the existing, while delivering change.

This show is supported by FortressIQ, whose mission is to unlock the limitless potential of the global workforce by accelerating the responsible and ethical use of AI in the enterprise.

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Talking Points:

  • Is there a darker side of AI?
  • Exploring the ideal blend of AI-human integration
  • The Four Realities of Transformation
    • Your processes aren’t going away
    • Your IT systems aren’t going away
    • Your people aren’t going away
    • Your organization’s structure isn’t going away


Website: FortressIQ

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