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Episode 15 - Applying Data-Driven Solutions to Fertility Treatments

hello, Human.
Episode 15 - Applying Data-Driven Solutions to Fertility Treatments

Today’s focus is all about human intelligence versus machine intelligence. Our guest, Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir is the CEO of Embryonics, gives us a unique insight on this topic. Embryonics focuses on developing and applying data-driven solutions to improve the success rates and the journey of fertility treatments. 

Computers have always been superior to humans when it comes to computational-heavy work. Our brains are simply not wired to handle as much data as a computer. As humans, our domain has always been judgement dependent expert decision-making. But that gap is narrowing. Computers have been out-performing humans in various fields for a number of years. Embyonics is just one of those examples. Embryonics technology out-performed a panel of embryologists in predicting which embryos would result in pregnancy by over 20%. According to their website and backed by the countless lives they’ve changed, their algorithm boasts a 12% increase of positive predictive value and a 29% increase of negative predictive value.

In today’s episode, host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist, and series producer Elizabeth Mitelman talk with Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir about the use of AI in the medical field, specifically in IVF. How has AI helped the field of fertility? How can you use AI in the medical field to change lives for the better? Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir shares her passion for medicine, her story of being the first woman in her community to get a medical degree, what it taught her, and her advice to women who want to go into the ever-evolving world of technology and AI.

Talking Points:

  • Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir’s journey into the medical field, specifically IVF
  • The importance of experience versus data
  • Where can we get the best outcome: human diagnosis, AI diagnosis, or a combination of both?
  • How to avoid bias within the industry
  • The decision to build and run Embryonics
  • Using AI to better the lives of women and their families
  • What does the future of AI look like?
  • Advice for the next generation of women in AI and technology


Yael Gold-Zamir, LinkedIn


“Data-Driven Prediction of Embryo-Implantation Probability Using IVF Time-lapse Imaging”


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