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Episode 13 - Integrating the Business Lens of Women in Technology

hello, Human.
Episode 13 - Integrating the Business Lens of Women in Technology

Some estimates put the number of unfilled tech jobs at more than one million, yet women hold fewer than 25% of all technology jobs. There are a number of reasons women are under-represented in the sector: gender bias, a lack of information about the potential for STEM careers early in a girl’s education, a shortage of female mentors, company cultures that don’t adequately support women technologists and more. However, the bottom line is that not enough women are pursuing careers in tech. Fortunately, times are changing, and some companies are taking steps to attract more women employees by addressing pay gaps, offering flexible work policies and implementing programs to help women employees thrive.

In today’s episode, host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, Grace Chen from FortressIQ, and series producer Elizabeth Mitelman talk with Tripti Sethi, the Senior Director and Global Data & AI COE Lead at Avanade. Grace, Elizabeth, and Tripti discuss Tripti’s career journey, her insights in the future of AI, how businesses can change the industry in a positive way, and her advice for women who want to go into the field of tech and AI. Tripti brings her unique take and expertise in the topics of business and technology and how they go hand-in-hand, as well as her experiences being a woman in the industry.

Talking Points:

  • Tripti’s journey from her interest in mechanical engineering to a career in tech
  • Her story as the first data scientist hired at Avanade
  • How companies’ business goals have shifted around the intention of using AI
  • The positive changes in the industry
  • Areas which will be best fit to change in the next few years due to the use of AI
  • How the future roles in AI are changing
  • Advice for those interested in going into the field of AI
  • What companies can do to drive positive change within their own company and in the industry




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