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Episode 12 - Ethics and AI within the Health Industry

hello, Human.
Episode 12 - Ethics and AI within the Health Industry

The next generation of AI-powered products and services has the potential to transform every aspect of the health sector. From accelerated drug discovery through biophysical modeling to improved diagnostic accuracy in medical imaging to smart claims management with self-learning software, no corner of the $10 trillion global health industry will remain untouched. Someday consumer-facing apps may become so advanced that they are able to provide affordable healthcare services to billions of people globally with limited access to traditional services. But these advances do not come without risks, as biases in AI raise ethical concerns and present health risks to patients and financial risks to providers and payers.

Today’s guest is the brilliant Zahra Timsah. Zahra has a multitude of professional and academic achievements including a Masters in MBA, and PhDs in Advanced Molecular Biology and Cancer Biology. Zahra is the lead for AI Governance at MassMutual, the Co-Founder and COO/CTO of Assurance Medication Management, Inc, as well as the CEO of AMCL.

In today’s episode, host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, and series producer Elizabeth Mitelman talk with Zahra about the importance of AI in the healthcare industry. They also touch on the ethical risks in having AI advancement in this field, and the best practices to assure that the proper AI governance is in place.

Talking Points:

  • Highlights in Zahra’s professional and academic career
  • Zahra’s experience integrated AI into the drug discovery process
  • Other opportunities in the medical field where AI can solve other challenges
  • How Zahra turned her fascination with AI into a career
  • Advice for people who have a passion, but are unsure as to whether or not the passion will lead to a successful career
  • Best practices for ethics and AI governance
  • Zahra’s role in Mass Mutual
  • Advice for the next generation for women in AI


Zahra Timsah (MBA, PhD, MSc, BSc), LinkedIn


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