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Episode 11 - Optimizing the Power of AI for Gender Equity

hello, Human.
Episode 11 - Optimizing the Power of AI for Gender Equity

From Fortune 500 stalwarts to Silicon Valley startups, gender equity has been a challenge for generations. But today despite universal agreement that a fix is overdue, not much has been done to actually move the needle. Because the workplace was not designed to value women, we need to change the ways we make decisions and evaluate talent to truly address the problem, and technology can be an accelerator. Using AI and natural language processing, software can identify bias in performance evaluations and point organizations toward making better decisions about promotions and new opportunities for employees. It’s more than just an issue of fairness for companies to act. For every 10% increase in gender equity toward parity, there is a 1% to 2% increase in revenue.

In this episode in our series about women in AI, Katica Roy of Pipeline Equity discusses the topic of gender equity and the necessary changes that need to occur in our mindsets as well as business practices. She discusses specific issues of inequality (including the Motherhood Penalty), by sharing her professional experiences and by comparing statistics from the past few years.

Katica talks about how her experience as a single mother, a first-generation American, and her various professional interactions have molded her vision of equality within the workplace. Our discussion also touches on Pipeline Equity, the 2020 Retrospective Report, and the trends that Katica has seen in the labor force participation rate of women. Women throughout history have seen sexism in the workforce, whether it has to do with opportunities, differences in pay, or in direct treatment. Katica and Pipeline Equity work hard to make sure that these current trends and statistics are coming to light because having the conversation is the first step to fixing the problem.

Talking Points:

  • Katica’s experience with sexism in the workplace
  • How Katica’s background shaped how she views equality and her values
  • Why Katica founded Pipeline Equity
  • Analyzing the 2020 retrospective report about gender equity
    • The setbacks from the pandemic and the economic consequences due to those setbacks
    • Men’s mental health in 2020
    • The importance of destigmatizing mental health
  • Katica’s advice on where to start advocating and learning about gender equity
  • How to get involved 
  • How Katica balances being involved and running a company
  • What is The Motherhood Penalty?


Pipeline Equity

Katica Roy official website

The 2021 Gender Retrospective

Katica Roy LinkedIn


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