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Welcome to the hello, Human podcast where we will discuss the latest topics in artificial intelligence and how it’s being applied in the real world. Our mission is to unlock the limitless potential of the global workforce by accelerating the responsible and ethical use of AI in the enterprise. Jon Knisley is your host for the hello, Human podcast. He’s been a technologist his entire career working at the intersection of business and IT, bringing first-in-class technologies to some on the largest enterprises in the world.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 15 - Applying Data-Driven Solutions to Fertility Treatments

    Today’s focus is all about human intelligence versus machine intelligence. Our guest, Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir is the CEO of Embryonics, gives us a unique insight on this topic. Embryonics focuses on developing and applying data-driven solutions to improve the success rates and the journey of fertility treatments.  ...


  2. Episode 14 - Building Trust in Government with Responsible AI

    A framework for AI that leads to successful outcomes includes proper governance, thoughtfully conceived processes based on input from affected stakeholders, and transparency about AI’s role in decision making. Responsible AI represents this comprehensive approach. To achieve it, governments must empower leadership and use AI to enhance human ...


  3. Episode 13 - Integrating the Business Lens of Women in Technology

    Some estimates put the number of unfilled tech jobs at more than one million, yet women hold fewer than 25% of all technology jobs. There are a number of reasons women are under-represented in the sector: gender bias, a lack of information about the potential for STEM careers ...


  4. Episode 12 - Ethics and AI within the Health Industry

    The next generation of AI-powered products and services has the potential to transform every aspect of the health sector. From accelerated drug discovery through biophysical modeling to improved diagnostic accuracy in medical imaging to smart claims management with self-learning software, no corner of the $10 trillion global health ...


  5. Episode 11 - Optimizing the Power of AI for Gender Equity

    From Fortune 500 stalwarts to Silicon Valley startups, gender equity has been a challenge for generations. But today despite universal agreement that a fix is overdue, not much has been done to actually move the needle. Because the workplace was not designed to value women, we need to ...