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Welcome to the hello, Human podcast where we will discuss the latest topics in artificial intelligence and how it’s being applied in the real world. Our mission is to unlock the limitless potential of the global workforce by accelerating the responsible and ethical use of AI in the enterprise. Jon Knisley is your host for the hello, Human podcast. He’s been a technologist his entire career working at the intersection of business and IT, bringing first-in-class technologies to some on the largest enterprises in the world.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6 - Humalogy and The Future of Work

    Today's guest is Scott Klososky, the founding partner of Future Point of View and creator of Humalogy. Host Jon Knisley, long-time technologist helping companies win the market with emerging AI technologies, talks with Scott about the transition to automation, and working alongside AI and automation. They also talk ...


  2. Episode 5 - Understand Today, Automate for Tomorrow

    Today's guests are Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Stephen Siciliano, Partner PM Director at Microsoft for Power Automate. In this episode, Craig, Stephen, and I explore how companies today are under near-constant pressure to accelerate growth, efficiency, and ROI. Effectively implementing ...


  3. Episode 4 - Building a Resilient Digital Core

    In this episode, we explore the building blocks to developing a resilient digital core, and how automation helps businesses manage through a crisis. Today’s guests are Abhinav Kolhe, Head of Technology for Intelligent Automation at Cognizant, and Sudhakar Pemmaraju, North American Head for the Digital Strategy & Operations ...


  4. Episode 3 - Rebooting Data-to-Decisions Initiatives

    Today’s guest is Doug Henschen, the Vice President and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research. Today Doug will be offering the analyst viewpoint concerning the role of process orchestration in helping companies manage new information, closed-loop analytics, the best integration of technology in both online-based and brick-and-mortar companies, as ...


  5. Episode 2 - Turning Talent into Competitive Advantage

    With me today is Kamal Ahluwalia from Eightfold. Together we are going to explore the current state and future state of turning talent into a competitive advantage for companies. People are really the backbone for any organization, and it's not an accident when we talk about the golden ...